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AMANDA DIAS is a Portuguese textile brand based in Lisbon. The original designs are inspired in the world-known Portuguese tiles and cobblestone patterns that adorn the Lusitanian cities.

Our collection has fabrics for bedspreads, upholstery, curtains and cushions. Through the patterns of Portuguese tiles, we seek to bring and color the environments of our customers´ homes.

The prints were designed to combine to one another, leaving each one free to explore different arrangements, creating unique and diversified compositions.

The products are designed and 100% made in Portugal.

Amanda Dias is a 30 year old designer born in Recife, Brazil. She graduated in Architecture and Urbanism and launched her first collection in 2013, working with textile design since then.

Her strong Portuguese roots come from her grandfather. Her new line was born from deeply exploring Portugal´s art, culture and designs.

She loves the connection between the two countries, clearly visible in her creations: Portuguese patterns with a touch of Brazilian colors.